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Sheriff Queen Baldwin has banned all animals and music from her town of Neither Here nor There!

And when she crashes a quinceañera, the rest of the animals who had been living in hiding are out of luck and their fates uncertain as they're deported across El Desierto Sin Fin!

So it is up to Jorge, the Trumpeter, and a cowardice pig, Nathaniel Oink, to traverse through the endless desert and return their friends back to the only home they know.


Pilip is tired of working a meaningless job.


He works at a gold mining business owned by the revolting Mr. Sweeney.


So when Pilip overhears the rumors of a thief, he decides that there is nothing better to do than to start investigating.


He heads off to the peach farm owned by the cantankerous Ms. Sweeney where he meets Bernita, who tells him the story of a little girl, her talking mouse, and a magic peach that grant anyone the fantastic ability to speak Spanish!

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